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SEO - Hiring a Search Engine Optimization Company

You need to be educated in order to select the best positioning service, you have to know what to expect, and what the minimum requirements are for successful search engine optimization. Satisfying search engine criteria for higher rankings is only part of the equation. Having a content rich and useful site that visitors would like to come back to could be even more important.


How much does it cost and what do you get?

How much should you be prepared to pay? You need to consider the variables to understand the cost. Some of those variables include:

  • highly competitive keyword phrases
  • number of keyphrases optimized
  • the number of pages to be optimized
  • building new pages or sites
  • difficult technology can present obstacles
  • inclusion of pay for inclusion or pay per click
  • link building efforts
  • level of continued management

There are many variables that affect cost and each search engine optimization company will place their own values. Be specific with goals and expectations - this alone takes some effort to determine.


Search engine optimization shoud be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. A well defined internet marketing program will deliver a much better return on investment (ROI) than other marketing methods.


See search engine optimization services


Organic Search Engine Optimization vs.
Pay Per Click (PPC) Optimization

Pay-per-click/Sponsored Web Positioning

Through Overture or Google Ad Words, you can bid against others for your website to appear in the top two or three positions within a search engine results page. This is an excellent way of achieving immediate results and also to reveal exactly what keywords are generating quality traffic.


Organic Search Engine Optimization

This requires the rearranging of content, meta tag information and numerous other factors. Enterprise Design subscribes to best practices for content delivery as outlined in each search engine published guidelines.

Web Positioning - 2 Types of Results
Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

Search engines are required to clearly define paid advertising (pay-per-click). This illustration shows where you'll find the results for both organic search engine optimization and PPC pay-per-click advertising.


Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search engine optimization can include up to 100 different variables for higher ranking. Successful web positioning is the result of balancing keyword content, title, meta tags and internal links within the code. Outside factors like including link relationships and usability also contribute to the index formula.


Search Engine Optmization results pages

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

PPC optimization is provided using Overture (Yahoo) or Google Ad Words, where you can bid against others for your website to appear in the top two or three positions within a search engine results page This is an excellent way of achieving immediate results and also to reveal exactly what keywords are generating quality traffic.

The Guarantee

If the SEO firm has a guarantee, study that guarantee and all of the “fine print” carefully. If they’re guaranteeing to increase the traffic to your site, that’s fine. If they’re guaranteeing an increase in your rankings, that’s fine too. But, if they’re guaranteeing that you’ll get a top 10 ranking, consider this guarantee carefully. There are so many factors that come into play when optimizing a Web site. For example, how established is the site, or is it brand new? How competitive is in the industry? Does the guarantee require that you choose a three-word keyword phrase, under the assumption that it’s impossible to get a two-word phrase ranked high, or even a single keyword? For one thing, that assumption is incorrect. Depending on the keyword phrase itself, you can certainly get two-word phrases ranked high, and even certain single keywords. So, if you go with that firm, you’re going to have to choose keywords that are less popular than what you might have chosen otherwise.


Educate yourself as best you can and look for search engine optimization companies that offer a service guarantee. Make yourself a partner for success. The real professionals will welcome this.


Inside Competition

Some SEO firms will only work for one client in a given industry. For example, they will only work for one printer, one tooling manufacturer, or one bank, etc. Other SEO firms set themselves up to be experts in a particular industry, such as auto sales or apartment rental web sites.


Ask the company you're considering how they handle competing clients.


Experience / Results

How can the professional SEO company prove to you that they knowledgeable and experienced in this industry?


For one thing, you can ask for a list of references from any SEO that you’re considering. Look closely at the list to see if the sites appear to be legitimate and trustworthy. Then, contact those references. Is the company willing to show you a few reports for some of their clients?


Server Access

How will the SEO firm work on your site? Are you going to give them access to your server, to where they’re responsible for uploading pages and making changes?


Or, will they have to go through a Webmaster, thereby slowing down the process.


A good relationship between web developer and SEO professional will results in best results.


Beware of egos on either side that conflict with your goals.



Some internet marketing companies are beginning to make stipulations in the contract that state that they are not responsible for actually increasing sales unless they take on the responsibility of redesigning. See more about usability.



Many SEO companies will create a detailed report and offer numerous suggestions before you ever sign the contract. Some of these companies charge for the proposal, and others don’t.


It’s time consuming coming up with a strategy for a particular company. Not only do you have to visit the site and spend some time, but you also have to run various reports and do considerable research.

  • Do you have to pay for a formal proposal?
  • If you hire the company, how often will you be sent verifiable results?
  • What types of reports can you expect to receive?
  • How long will the process take?
  • When can you expect to see results?

Your contribution

If the search engine optimization company is to succeed, you must offer your co-operation. If they are good at what they do they will tell you and your writers how to write keyword rich text without spamming the search engines. If your pages are heavy with graphics, Shockwave and Flash plug-ins, the optimizers may ask you to take some of them out.


Working with a search engine optimization professional requires some commitment from the client to create an effective campaign. The following is a list of recommendations.

  • Contact Person. Assign an individual to be the primary contact who will work directly with the search engine marketing company.
  • Assign a Decision Maker. Committees work well but someone needs to make final decisions.
  • Set Goals and Expectations. The first expectation of course is higher search engine placement and more web site traffic. But what do you want that traffic to do once they get to your site? Outlining a clear set of expectations helps define the direction for keyword targets.
  • Your Site Will Change - Accept It. Often content needs to be rewritten to include keyword phrases. Beyond that there are some elements of web development that simply keep your site from being seen by search engines. Excessive java script or flash elements do nothing to enhance content. These are not bad things but knowing where to use them is crucial. Brace yourself for change and encourage your team to listen to your search engine optimization company and be flexible with design and content issues.
  • Have confidence . We have had clients that paid so much money on their site that they believed it should not be changed. It has to change. Our graphics design strengths allow us to recreate your pages without sacrificing the original branding.
  • It's going to cost. If you spend $12,000 annually to get $250,000 in additonal revenue... you do the math.
  • Measure Results. You need a solid plan to measure the results of your search engine optimization. Traffic that results in sales is more important than generic visits. Monitoring who your visitors are, how long they stayed and what pages they visited is more important than just getting more hits.
  • A Long-Term Relationship. Hiring a search engine optimization company is like hiring another employee. They are there for the long term. Original internet marketing goals and objectives change during the web positioning process for continual improvement. Expect a lot of interaction as part of the senior team.