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Keyword Research - Successful Search Engine Optimization

You provide a product or service for that solves a problem for your customers. Finding what you really provide is not always clear. Thinking about what clients are looking for and how you identify your offerings are sometimes very different.


Example: One of our clients manufactures weatherstripping products. Their first thought was to be ranked for "weatherstripping". However, they are OEM providers and only sell in extreme quantities Our research showed what their real customers were looking for and the resulting contacts opened many new markets. By contrast, the calls they received for "weatherstripping" came from the consumer market. By finding the correct keyword phrases, we were able to target their real customers.


Search engine optimization starts with identifying which phrases buyers are using. We use a variety of resources to gather information about the volume of phrases related to your site and the number of other sites competing for those phrases. In the example above it wasn't about driving more traffic to the site but finding the right visitors that were looking to buy from them.



Think in terms of 2 to 4 words that make up keyword phrases . Choosing a term like "manufacturing" is too diluted, but "contract sunglasses manufacturing" would be far more targeted. We suggest no more than 2 to 4 keyword phrases per page. If your business is localized, you would want to include the city or town in your targeted search terms. The long tail search target using 6 to 12 word search phrase is easy for an SEO to achieve and prove results but not always the best for client results. Beware of the SEO that uses this as a parameter for success.


Some keyword phrases are highly competitive. We don't shy away from those but we often recommend finding some of the niche phrases that are often overlooked.

Considerations for Writing Content

Content is the only thing that matters to search engine spiders. They don't know how flashy or colorful your website is. Understanding and accepting this is the key to getting higher search positioning.


Successful web positioning is only achieved once you have website content development that is search engine friendly AND visitor friendly . You need to be effective for high search engine placement AND effective for selling to your target audience. Your site can still be graphically pleasing but you will need to consider some of the following recommendations... (use ot the below is not gospel - they are upper level considerations only - every page or project is unique)

  • The number of words per web page is not as important as the focus of subject. As an example (but not absolute) a home page may naturally have or need more text than a page it links to. Stuffing text only serves to annoy a visitor.
  • Targeting 2 to 4 keyword phrases per web page is usually a good idea.
  • Relevancy is essential!
    Make sure each targeted keyword phrase is relevant and flows with content.
  • NEVER spam search engines by keyword stuffing.
  • Use keywords in the beginning paragraphs (if appropropriate).
  • Disperse your keyword phrases throughout your entire web page (if appropropriate).
  • Replace generic terms with your keyword phrases ( if it reads well).
    Use "contract sunglasses manufacturing " instead of "contract manufacturing ".
  • Include keywords in your hyperlinks:
    internal links (page to page within your website) and
    incoming links (links to your site from other websites)
    should contain your top keywords or keyword phrases.

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